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Discovery flight

Discover how to fly airliners with our immersive A320 flight simulator. All levels.

from 119€ onwards

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Vol "Aventure

An exciting session to put into practice the basics learned during the discovery flight. Intermediate level.

from €159

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Vol "Expert

Flight simulation training session with airline pilot instructors on Airbus A320.

from €229

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Crewed flight

Exciting session with two people at the controls. The instructor sits in the middle, slightly back. Intermediate level.

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Solo block of hours

A block of hours for enthusiasts and the curious. A great way to save money and improve your skills at the same time!

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Block of hours in Duo

Block of flight hours in pairs. Save money and dig into the material as you wish!

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Panoramic screen

220° horizontally and 30° vertically: which immerses you completely in the moving scenery.

Preliminary training

A short training session will be given by experienced instructors who are also Airbus pilots.

A 100% immersive cockpit

The cockpit is a flight simulator. But what a simulator! An immersive immersive model of the A320 type in hyper-realistic scale from Bluecockpit.

Choosing your destination

You can choose where to go, there are 235 airports to choose from.

Vitesse maximum
degrees of visibility

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