Would you like to give one of our incredible animations as a gift voucher? Good idea!

Here are all the explanations you may need.

  • Once the payment has been made, you will receive several order confirmation emails, one of which contains your Gift Voucher in the form of a PDF. Give the printed version in person to the recipient of your gift or simply send it by email.

  • Gift sets from our partner Baptemedelair.be are available on request, if you want a little more ceremony. In this case the box is sent to the postal address of your choice (home or to the recipient).

  • Gift vouchers are valid for one year and can be extended for a further year for a €20 administration fee.

Discover our gift vouchers

Gastronomic meal on board the wingless aircraft

2 amuses bouche et 3 plats. La plupart  des  samedis

2 to 6 people per table

89€ per person

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Gastronomic meal - VIP formula

2 appetizers and 3 courses + 15 min of driving + wine + video editing

2 to 6 people per table

179€ per person

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Flight simulator

By appointment every day of the week

From €99

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Flylounge is also an amazing gift shop!

Discover our incredible gift shop after your events or directly online. Our selection of memorabilia will delight your loved ones, whether they are aviation enthusiasts, decoration lovers or aviation equipment enthusiasts! You will find hundreds of collectibles, models, aviation books, goodies, costumes etc. to please your loved ones.