Team building at 40,000 ft

The aeroplane is a powerful symbol for engaging people in a common goal. common goal. At 40,000ft, we are all in the same 'boat' you might say. you might say.

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Where are you located?

We are located in Rue du Commerce 65, 1000 Brussels. In the heart of the European district of Brussels. At 300 meters from the Metro and the parking Arts-Loi. More details on our contact page.

We suggest that you block all or part of the room 1 or 2 months in advance. months in advance. For very short shoots (e.g. 1 hour), we will try to fit you in or offer you a very early morning or late evening slot.

Flylounge is a room of about 200m2, in which a 12.7m is a portion of a real Airbus A319 fuselage and an A320 flight simulator as a cockpit. You can film in the cockpit or in the passenger cabin and even from the outside of the fuselage. It is possible to rent only the cabin or the cockpit if the presence of other customers in the room is not a problem for you  (and vice versa).

The reservation is made after acceptance of the estimate and payment of the fee (deposit possible for "early birds"). In concrete terms, you just have to click on the "request a quote" button on the top right and fill in the form, and we will quickly send you a quote and  a reply regarding the availability of the the aircraft on the requested date.

Due to the rather small volume of the cockpit, it is preferable to limit the number of 2 extras (at the controls of the aircraft), a cameraman and a sound soundman. There is also a local operator to run the flight simulator.

Wearing a mask and regular hand disinfection is mandatory inside. mandatory inside. The cockpit and passenger cabin are each equipped with an air purifier and we disinfect the flight controls between each flight. Film crews must have the necessary necessary "health" clearances (including a recent PCR or vaccination certificate).

In a plane, the destination is the same for everyone, the rules on board are common. A perfect metaphor for the working world. The proximity and euphoria of a changed environment do the rest.

Team building is one of our flagship products and the first sessions have taken place in September 2021.

Are you looking for an exceptional place to bring your teams together, more than ever before? Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy magical moments with your colleagues in a private plane passenger cabin just for you.  

The programme of such an event can be adapted to your expectations. You will have the choice to include a briefing/debriefing , to include (or not) the cockpit part, to add a meal or a snack, to include a video conference screen or a wireless microphone etc...

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